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Unintended super-long break

December 28, 2011

So. No one’s blogged here in months! As I predicted last year, we’d eventually be undermined by being boring.

I have just escaped from the busiest semester of my entire life. I cannot recommend taking Corporate Strategy, Operations Management, Financial Management, and Cost Accounting all in the same semester while also working full-time at a job involving a lot of travel.

But other than the enormous timesuck of all that, everything’s good from my end. The honeymoon period of school is over for the kids, so they’re happy about the long winter break, but they like that their two houses are so close to each other and that they have more space and that everyone’s more mellow and has more emotional energy. They’re making friends, and we’ve got playdates scheduled for when they’re back from visiting family this week. They have a lot more space and time just to run, and hang out, and be unstructured. That’s what I wanted for them–space and time and freedom.

LOD seems to have been super-busy these last few months, too, but I assume he’ll dip in and tell what he’s been up to, too.

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