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Imbalancing act

September 7, 2010

I hate the day after Labor Day, because it’s the first pedestrian weekday that officially sounds the death knell on summer. School starts tomorrow, and my psyche is not enjoying the transition. I know this because I had a dream over the weekend, and I never remember my dreams.

In this dream I was charged with getting each son someplace really important, atop two separate mountains. I was flying back and forth between them on a hover board, like the one in “Back to the Future II,” making sure each kid was making progress, working his way upward. Most of the time, they weren’t. R took every unobserved opportunity to sit down and read, and T was usually running downhill, chasing little animals with a stick. Each time I swooped in, I had to urge a son to stay focused and get to wherever he had to, or else he’d be late. And for some reason, Being Late would unleash something unspeakably dreadful.

Also, I was juggling four cantaloupes.

I attribute most of this to playing a juggling game on our new Wii Fit Plus. You balance on a beach ball and juggle little balls that two friendly Miis toss to you. And once you finally get a handle on the skill set involved and work into a rhythm, one of these Miis—who is supposedly helping you in this ridiculous endeavor—throws you a bomb at you.

It’s supposed to train your body’s core, or something. But all it’s apparently doing for me is reminding me that the Nightmare of Logistics is upon us. Any parent knows that handling separate kids with separate friends, tastes, and talents is challenging enough. Doing all this in separate households seems like hurling a billion Rubik’s cubes into the Hadron collider.

I think I’m done playing that game for a while. I’ll be too busy living it.

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  1. September 7, 2010 1:42 pm

    I have just read your blog posts (found you on the NYT) and I am impressed that you guys are able to arrange this method of co-parenting. It didn’t happen that way for me, and it sure isn’t happening that way for my new husband. With my ex it’s a hands-off approach — with us they do X, with him and his wife they do Y, and mostly the twain do not meet. My ex is happy with those boundaries, and to be honest, I divorced him in part because I did not want to be around him anymore. So I’m okay with the situation as well. The hard part is finding out what the kids think – it’s been this way for over 9 years and the are well adjusted now, but think that at least the first 3 years were probably really rough on them.

    Anyway, I am really interested to see how you guys do with this. Good luck!

  2. FlBeth permalink
    September 8, 2010 4:57 pm

    Thank you both…This is a selfless endevor which stands to help so many in this all too common and still amazinly difficult situation. I have no kids and am not even married but wanted to send my thanks for your efforts!

  3. September 8, 2010 7:46 pm

    Oh good, a dream. People love to listen to those. (Or so Bossy tells herself as she simultaneously posts about dreams.)

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